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Cerro Gordo, Illinois

Brandenburg Farms is family-owned and family-operated grain farm. We work with landowners & farm managers with farm ground in Piatt County, Moultrie County & Macon County in central Illinois. Our philosophy is simple. We want to earn your trust to farm, protect, and improve your agricultural land investment. We want to farm your available farm ground.

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Soybean Harvest Begins In Two Days, Maybe…

Trent Brandenburg expects to begin his soybean harvest in two days “if it doesn’t rain,” he predicted on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. His corn harvest will begin when the kernel moisture content drops, either from drying in the field or from Trent deciding to pay the elevator for some drying. Trent’s corn is now measuring 22 per cent moisture; Trent is waiting to start corn picking until he determines “if the elevator will take it.”

The Illinois Farm Bureau crop watcher for Champaign County, adjacent to Trent’s county, expects 10-14 days until bean harvest begins there, so Trent is ahead of the east-central Illinois curve. Recent rains and cool weather have slowed the maturity and drydown of both corn and soybeans in east-central Illinois. The rain was welcome to alleviate the drought, but now the moisture slows harvest.

September 21, 2022|

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