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Cerro Gordo, Illinois

Brandenburg Farms is family-owned and family-operated grain farm. We work with landowners & farm managers with farm ground in Piatt County, Moultrie County & Macon County in central Illinois. Our philosophy is simple. We want to earn your trust to farm, protect, and improve your agricultural land investment. We want to farm your available farm ground.

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Trent Has A Farmer’s Perennial New Year Hope

Trent Brandenburg is happy with the 2022 results of his farming operation. He looks forward to 2023 “if the prices stay up.” “With the cost of inputs going up, there can be a real squeeze. Farmland prices are high and slightly increasing, which means land investors think the prices will stay up long enough to pay for the land purchase.” Trent speculated that if corn were $2.00 nobody could afford a combine to harvest it. “You couldn’t even afford the diesel fuel to start a burnoff,” Trent wryly concluded.

Trent’s long experience with the challenges and rewards of cash grain farming in central Illinois has given him valuable persepctives on markets and weather and cropping, to maximize the profit from land he farms.

Recent rains at the end of the year have pushed December rainfall totals to near-normal. After zero weather over Christmas, temperatures in the 50s have partially thawed the upper few inches of soil, permitting rain and snowmelt to soak in and help alleviate the long-term abnormal dryness affecting the land Trent farms.

Trent Brandenburg and his family wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

January 6, 2023|

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