Technology on Brandenburg Farms

Brandenburg Farms uses the latest electronic, satellite, and farm equipment technology to ensure efficient crop input, harvesting, and marketing decisions. Global Positioning System
(GPS) technology provides yield mapping as the combine is driven through the field, recording detailed data every few feet about crop yield and grain moisture content. This data file is portable, and is transferred to the Brandenburg Farms office computer system to generate detailed yield maps for the landowner and for precision management of the farm operation. The accuracy of these yield maps is confirmed by grain elevator yield reports.

Another use of GPS navigation is “auto steer” which is the actual guidance of tractors and combines in the field by satellite. This increases the accuracy of crop chemical application by reducing overlaps and skips, and also saves fuel by utilizing the full equipment width on every pass over the field. Soil tests are taken systematically by grids across each field to ensure that fertilizer is not over- or under-applied. Additionally, a trained agronomist advises Brandenburg Farms on fertilizer use and application. Computers are also used to carefully track accounting, elevator grain tickets, and billing for custom farm work.

If you are a farmland owner in Piatt County, Moultrie County, or Macon County in central Illinois, looking at the farmland rental market, please contact Brandenburg Farms. The technology used by Brandenburg Farms as a farmland renter enables the structuring of a better cash-rent lease, standing-rent lease, bushel-rent lease, or crop-share lease. A crop-share lease may offer landowner advantages for estate planning and future Social Security income. Explore the farmland rent/lease or custom farming options with Brandenburg Farms, Cerro Gordo, Illinois.