This John Deere 8335 R tractor is used for planting, side-dressing, discing and grain cart hauling.

John Deere 6330This John Deere 6330 tractor is used for mowing, augering and grain vacuuming.

John Deere 9530

This John Deere 9530 tractor with auto steer is used by Brandenburg Farms for fall and spring tillage.

1770 24-Row Planter1770 24-Row Planter is equipped with a Smart Box™ insecticide applicator and hydraulic variable-rate drive for precision planting and chemical application.

FAST Sprayer24-Row FAST Sprayer for side dressing and fertilizer application.

John Deere sprayerThis John Deere Sprayer is also equipped with auto steer and mapping for precision application of chemicals with no overlaps or skips. Brandenburg Farms believes that this ensures timely application of chemicals, while saving chemical costs and custom-application fees.

CultivationProperly-timed cultivation is essential to maximize crop yield in the silty clay-loam soils found in Piatt, Moultrie, and Macon Counties. Judgement of the best time to “work” these “heavy” soils comes only with Brandenburg Farms’ years of experience.

Brandenburg farmstead and operations centerThe farmstead and operations center of Brandenburg Farms. Trent’s grandparents lived here and his mother grew up here in an old farmhouse, now gone. Trent and Jennifer are raising their daughters here.

Brandenburg Farms fieldA Brandenburg Farms field.

Brandenburg Farms propertyNeatly-mowed roadsides help weed control, and enhance land value by providing a positive image to neighbors and passers-by.

soybean fieldSoybeans growing on a Brandenburg Farm.

soybean fieldBrandenburg Farms timely operations take full advantage of weather opportunities.

Ford single axle tractor and 32 foot semitrailerThis Brandenburg Farms Peterbilt tractor and 40-foot Timpte trailer enable heavy hauling of grain to the market providing the highest returns, especially the winter markets which usually offer better prices per bushel.

Model 377 Peterbilt tractor and 40 foot timpte trailerThis Brandenburg Farms second Peterbilt tractor and 40-foot Timpte trailer adds to the efficiency of the operation.

GPS Satellite GuidanceGPS (Global Positioning System) satellite guidance is used to save fuel and avoid skipped or overlapped areas in the field while planting.

Golden Shelled CornA golden stream of shelled corn begins its farm-to-market move from Brandenburg Farms.