Above Average Corn, Below Average Price

Published On: July 25, 2016

The two-and-a-half to three inches of rain that just fell on the land Trent Brandenburg farms, ensures a good corn crop this year, maybe as good as last year, Trent observed. Then he added the veteran farmer’s usual disclaimer, “if we don’t have hail or a wind storm for the rest of the season.” Trent sees the corn as pretty well along due to the heat (degree days), but the soybeans will need rains in August for pod fill.

Trent thinks the corn could use another rain. He is surprised at how fast the recent heavy rain soaked into the ground. Trent noted very little ponding despite the heavy rain falling in a short period of time. He attributes that to the soil being fairly dry. “We really needed that rain,” Trent concluded, adding “above average corn, below average price.”

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