Soybeans are Done with Just One-Third Of Corn To Go

Published On: October 25, 2022

Trent Brandenburg is done with his soybean harvest. Most of his bean fields averaged in the seventy-bushels-per-acre range, with one in the eighties. “Not as good as last year,” Trent observed, “but at fourteen dollars a bushel, that’s a lot of money.”

Trent estimates he has about a third of his corn acreage left to harvest. He is taking a day or two off because of rain yesterday and predicted for all day today (October 25, 2022). His corn stayed at 22 percent moisture for a long time, so he is waiting for the fields to dry down so he can save on drying costs at the elevator.  At this point, it is mostly at 17 percent moisture.

Corn yields are lagging from last year but Trent is still getting corn yields in the mid-200-bushel range which is “not as good as last year,” but “it’s a crop.”

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