Corn and Soybean Planting Completed – Almost

Published On: June 14, 2011

Trent Brandenburg has completed his corn and soybean planting, except for about 5% of the acreage he farms, which is either ponded or too wet for good crop growth. Unfortunately, a big part of that 5% might be found in half a 40-acre field that doesn’t drain very well. In order to get maximum returns for all his landowners, Trent is still trying to replant some soybeans, especially where the ponded area is near the road so that the planter doesn’t have to be driven over a significant area of healthy plants to get to the replant. Crop conditions can range from excellent to very poor in the same field due to the ongoing rains.

Trent has completed side dressing his plantings and is now spraying corn. The rainfall has been variable across the lands Trent farms, ranging from two-tenths of an inch in some places to two inches in another, from the same rain event. 95% of Trent’s crops look excellent, with remarkably fast early growth.

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