Corn Planted and Growing, Beans Going In

Published On: April 24, 2017

“Corn Planted and Growing, Beans Going In”

Trent Brandenburg completed his corn planting April 21. His earliest corn planting is up and growing well. Much of his later corn planting is sprouting, but it has been slower to due to the cooler weather in the past week. Trent says “The corn looks good, but new seedlings always look good to a farmer.”

Trent is now planting soybeans. His bean planting has been slowed by the early emergence of annual weeds. The annual weeds emerged much earlier than usual this year due to the exceptionally warm weather in February and March. The weeds are now big enough to interfere with bean planting, so Trent is getting the weeds controlled so he can proceed to plant the rest of his soybeans. He does not regard the delay as significant because it’s still April.

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