Excellent Soybean Yields But Slow Going In The Field

Published On: November 12, 2021

2021 Harvest is Winding Down

Trent Brandenburg describes his soybean crop yield this year as “excellent” and corn as “above average but not exceptional.” Trent has “a few days” of fieldwork remaining to complete his harvest. His harvest has been slowed by the wet soil from the continuing rains.

He is going slowly and carefully to avoid the mishap of another area farmer whose combine got stuck in a muddy field with a broken axle. The soil was so muddy that cribbing wouldn’t support the jacks needed to raise the machine enough to change the axle, so a crane had to be used, making the repair very expensive and time-consuming.

Trent had no serious problems with pests or diseases this growing season, despite the wet weather. His good yields reflect his timely and successful use of crop protection chemicals. Now he cleans and maintains the harvest machinery and moves it to the back of his machine shed so the spring planting equipment is upfront for the new crop year.

Photo © 2021 by Virginia Dahms

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