Harvest Is Looking Good

Published On: October 6, 2023

Rain at the end of September called a pause in Trent Brandenburg’s harvest, giving him time to chat. Trent is about 25% done with his corn and soybean harvest. At first, his corn harvest moisture content was in the mid-20s, but “our last load was 15.9% so it’s ready to go.” Trent’s soybeans are also ready. Dry weather is predicted for several days, so the harvest will proceed.

More than an inch of rain in the past ten days has replenished the soil moisture. Most of Central Illinois except the western quarter is now “Abnormally Dry” on the drought map. The western quarter is still in “Moderate Drought.” The subsoil is still dry. That replenishment will have to come from fall rains (after harvest!) and winter snowfall heavier than last winter’s sparse amount.

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