It Won’t Take Long…

Published On: April 12, 2016

April 2016 Field Report

It Won’t Take Long…

“It won’t take long when you get in gear and go!!” Trent Brandenburg is ready to start planting, but it is just too wet and cold. Trent began planting on April 15 last year and was done by mid-May. So he’s willing to wait for the warmer temperatures and better field conditions. Trent is following the corn and soybean markets closely as corn took a plunge on the USDA report then went up a bit. Soybeans went up. Trent already has his inputs set for the corn and soybean acres he plans to plant, so he is not shifting acres to soybeans despite the markets’ temptation. Trent has his machinery as ready as can be. He observed “It won’t break down until you use it.” Trent has mowed his yard twice. He says he is tired of riding his mower and wants to ride a tractor.

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