Planting time: planting rock in the driveways

Published On: March 30, 2015

March 2015 Farm Report

Trent Brandenburg is eager to begin planting. Because the field soil is too wet at the top for tillage, and too cold for germination, Trent is busy planting rock in his driveways to improve their load capacity in advance of the spring thaw now beginning. Trent’s seed is arriving from domestic sources. The seed produced in South America and Hawaii has not been shipped yet, but Trent is confident of timely arrival on his farms. “It will be here before we need it,” he said.

Trent has gone to many winter meetings and has done some updating to his planning. “I don’t want to over-analyze it,” he observed. Trent would like to see the markets “get better” with stronger pricing. The low prices for last year’s crop have curtailed new equipment purchases for many operators, including Trent.

Despite the wet surface, Trent does not consider his soil moisture to be adequate. He doesn’t see much water in the dredge ditches nor does he see standing water in any fields. There was not much snowfall to soak in, either, despite the cold February. Trent would like the soil to warm up first, and then get rained upon right after he has planted.

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