Soybean Planting Half-Done; Corn Looks Good

Published On: May 11, 2012

Trent is about half-done with his soybean planting today, May 11, and expects to finish Monday, May 14, if there is no rain. The planting is going well, although from one field to the next the soil condition ranges from dusty-dry in this field, to wetter than you should plant in the next.

The corn crop looks good. Trent likes to see the color of the corn seedlings turn darker green as the soil warms and the root systems develop. At this time, Trent wants a rain a week from now to fall…

Despite the unusually warm winter and early spring, Trent has not seen the increase in insect activity that many experts were predicting. Now Trent wants to complete his soybean planting so he can side-dress his corn fields before the corn gets too big to side-dress.

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