Still Some Corn & Soybeans in the Fields – Taking a Break From Wet Fields

Published On: October 12, 2021

Nobody’s Doing Anything Today!

Trent Brandenburg continued, “It’s unbelievable how wet the ground is!” He noted that there had been no really big rains, but the steady showers have added up. Trent thinks today will be a good day to change the oil in the combine after an inch of rain fell in a few hours on Monday.

Trent estimates he is about one-third finished with both corn and soybeans. The yields vary from outstanding to above average, making Trent very happy and glad to take a break to let the soil dry a little. Trent notes that with shorter days and the sun’s low angle in the fall, there isn’t as much solar heat for drying.

After this year’s harvest in central Illinois getting off to a fairly early and roaring start, weather delays will slow it down as the last soybeans and corn wait in the wet fields to be harvested.

Photo © 2021 by Virginia Dahms

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