Trent Is Spraying His Corn And Soybeans

Published On: August 3, 2021

Aerial Fungicide Applications Necessary This Growing Season

While enabling excellent plant growth, the continuing rainfall has kept the foliage too wet, too long. Trent decided to invest in aerial fungicide crop protection to inhibit crop damage from various plant fungi invading the wet foliage. So the aircraft flying over his fields and spraying them is protecting his crops’ yield, which looks pretty good at this time in the crop year. Trent estimates that he has sprayed half of both his corn and soybean acreage.

The few heavy bouts of rain caused some ponding earlier this season, but the subsequent moderate rainfall hasn’t made the ponds that much worse. Trent observed that it’s really too late in the season to do anything about the ponding. The ample soil moisture all season has crop development looking very good. Trent’s investment in fungicide application will minimize fungus attacks via wet foliage and preserve the potential yield.

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