We Are Not Having A Normal Winter

Published On: January 10, 2020


Winter Rains & Flooding Following 60 Degrees in January

Trent Brandenburg believes the jumbled, abnormal weather patterns of 2019 “are not done yet.” He continued, “It’s supposed to get cold in December and stay cold until March. But here we are having 60-degree days in January and it’s still raining!!” Trent wants to move grain from his bins to the elevator now that it’s a new tax year, and it’s as muddy as it was when the crops were planted last spring. With record rainfall predicted over this weekend (January 10-12, 2020) it’s not likely to dry out soon.

Fortunately, Trent has his fall tillage 95% done, so he will not be behind going into spring. “If you can’t get started in the spring, that has a tail that lasts all year,” Trent observed. Trent plans to stay with his present crop rotations of corn and soybeans. Despite enduring the weather and market challenges of the past crop year, Trent “still has the desire to start the new year. I just want a good clean start,” he concluded.

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