We’re Way Ahead On Growing Degree Days

Published On: July 16, 2018

Trent Brandenburg is happy with his corn and soybean crops so far. The corn is fully pollinated and ear fill is underway. Trent wants more rain to get the test weight of the corn kernels up. The early growth and maturity is due to the number of degree days so far. “We’re ‘way ahead on degree days,” Trent happily noted.

On the other hand, Trent’s soybeans are chest-high and maybe have a little too much water. Trent’s experience has been that the tallest soybeans do not yield as well as more normal- sized plants. Trent has so far not observed any disease problems in his soybeans. Trent is busy mowing roadsides, where the grass is growing as well as his corn and soybeans.

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