Three-Quarters Done With Beans, Corn Next

Trent Brandenburg is happy with his soybean crop this year, "the yield is far surpassing what I expected, now if only we can get the prices up." Trent harvested a about 200 acres of corn and decided it was too wet (22% moisture) so he started on his soybeans.

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We’re Way Ahead On Growing Degree Days

Trent Brandenburg is happy with his corn and soybean crops so far. The corn is fully pollinated and ear fill is underway. Trent wants more rain to get the test weight of the corn kernels up.

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Planning For A Year Of Low Prices

Trent Brandenburg does not foresee any big corn and soybean market moves upward in 2018. He believes careful management to maximize yields will provide enough cash flow to maintain most farm businesses. A combination of low yields and lower prices will be challenging for operators paying very high cash rents.

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Trent Is 90% Done With Corn, 100% With Beans

Trent rated his corn crop "better than expected. Not a bumper crop and not below average." Trent had completed his soybean harvest several weeks ago. His corn harvest was delayed due to frequent rains making field conditions too muddy.

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Beans Nearly Done, Corn Next – September 2017

Trent Brandenburg is about two days' field work away from finishing his soybean harvest. He decided to harvest his soybean crop before starting on his corn harvest. Two weeks ago the moisture content of his corn was 36%, way too high to store.

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Harvest Begins September 10, 2017

Trent Brandenburg expects to begin picking corn on September 10, depending on the weather. Recent rains have helped his soybean pod fill, "but we could use some more," he added hopefully, but then admitting that the next rain might be too late, as the pods are "beginning to turn."

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